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The chain ladder The amphitheatre is probably the first part of the high Drakensberg that most people will go to. It is easily accessible and getting to altitude does not require you to negotiate monstrous Drakensberg passes, which can be daunting at the best of times. All of this makes the amphitheatre a perfect place to be introduced to the Drakensberg. It's also a perfect trip if you want to get into the high 'Berg but don't have the time to spend a week doing so or are worried about fitness. We do take a rope just to safeguard those who are not too happy on the chain-ladder.

The route is a circular one which both starts and ends at the Sentinel Car Park situated at 2600m. Depending on your group's objectives you can choose to ascend Mont-Aux-Sources (3282m), view the Tugela Falls with a cumulative height drop of 950m, or specifically set out to bag a few peaks.

Peaks that are attainable within a weekend include: Photo opportunity
  • Mont-Aux-Sources : 3282m
  • Ifidi : 3204m
  • Namahadi Peak : 3198m
  • Crow's Nest : 3154m
  • Mt Amery : 3143m
  • Beacon Buttress : 3124m
  • Thaba Edanyazana : 3084m

    Adding an extra day in brings into reachable range the peaks:
  • Ifidi Buttress : 3243m
  • Stimela Peak : 3232m
Sea of cloud in Amphitheatre Daily distances vary from 8 to 16 km with a maximum altitude gain for a single day at 900m and a maximum descent for a single day of 900m. Overnight spots are primarily wilderness camp-sites (literally camping wherever you like) with the option of one cave and (in severe weather) shelter may be sought in the shell of the old mountain hut.

The best time of year to undertake this trip is the Southern Hemisphere autumn (March through May), but it can be done at any time of the year. Winter months tend to be surprisingly cold (overnight temperatures of -15C are common) and the summers are famous for their thunderstorms and rain.

KZN Drakensberg

2 Days, 1 night /
3 Days, 2 nights

Mean altitude


Technical aspects
  • Chain Ladder

  • Altitude
  • Heights


    Fully self sufficient

    Recommended Kit
    Alpine trekking

    Cost per person
    People in group:
    1  :  R 6,500
    2  :  R 4,000
    3  :  R 3,500
    4+ :  R 3,000

    Note: Cost excludes transport or accommodation either side of the hike. If you wish we will make these arrangements for you.

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