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The Devil's Knuckles


North side of Serala The Wolkberg Wilderness Area is one of this country's best kept secrets. Over 24,000 ha in size this Limpopo-province jewel makes for true wilderness experiences. Apart from one or two small routes that are achievable within a day or two, the area has no paths or standard routes - you walk where you like.

The Serala Loop is one of the smaller routes that can be done in three or four days, depending on how we structure the trip. On this route we will do many river crossings (8 in the first day) and see alpine grasslands right through to indigenous forests. We may even climb Serala Peak (2024m) if the weather allows and the group chooses.

This area is the entomologists's dream!

Daily distances vary from 8-15 km with a maximum altitude gain for a single day of 800m and a maximum descent for a single day of 800m, depending on how the group chooses to structure their trip. Overnight spots are all wilderness camp-sites (literally camping wherever you like).

Morning in camp River crossing after heavy rains The best time of year to undertake this trip is the Southern Hemisphere autumn through Spring (March through November), but it can be done at any time of the year. Winter months tend to be surprisingly cold for a place this close to the equator (only 24 South) but summers are very warm!
Campsite on the north side of Serala


3 Days, 2 nights

Mean altitude


Technical aspects
  • Steep ground
  • Summer rivers

  • Steep ground
  • Summer heat


    Fully self sufficient

    Recommended Kit
    Mountain backpacking

    Cost per person
    People in group:
    1  :  R 6,000
    2  :  R 3,500
    3  :  R 3,200
    4+ :  R 3,000

    Note: Cost excludes transport or accommodation either side of the hike. If you wish we will make these arrangements for you.

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